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The Only Community College That Provides Dorms in PA

Thrive in a safe, supportive, community-oriented living space at Northampton Community College (NCC). We are the only community college with dorms in Pennsylvania, with nearly 600 students choosing to call our Bethlehem campus “home” each year.

As a resident, you have access to educational and social opportunities that enhance your experience outside of the classroom—along with FREE WiFi, parking, and laundry.

The Office of Housing & Residence Life assists you with on-campus housing at the Bethlehem campus and oversees two residential facilities, the Residence Hall Commons and the Apartments.




  • During May, June, July, and August, the Residence Hall Commons building will be locked for the summer period. Students, prospective students, and families that would like to meet with a Housing staff member can call 610.861.5324 to schedule an appointment. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to meeting with you. Go Spartans!
  •  Housing applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year and Summer Session 2 are now open. Please review the housing application process with updated campus room rates and fees. We encourage students to submit their housing application no later than July 30 to ensure processing before fall classes begin.


The Office of Housing & Residence Life aims to strengthen and serve our residents by fostering an intellectual and inclusive community. We seek to diversify our residents through campus engagement and academic excellence outside the classroom. The staff strives to cultivate a safe environment that encourages residents to generate memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

Why Live on Campus at NCC?

Northampton Community College housing opens doors to making friends, leaping into experiences and seizing opportunities. Many of our residents build friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Living on campus helps you find the balance between your academic and social life. You also avoid the hassle of commuting, so you can spend more time on your studies, enjoy nearby access to resources like the library and learning center, and work toward your long-term goals alongside fellow students.

Live in a Convenient and Safe Environment
Live in a Convenient and Safe Environment

Your holistic well-being is our priority. At NCC, you have access to counseling services and the Health & Wellness Center, and robust safety features secure each residence building.

Student Supports
Thrive in an Inclusive Community
Thrive in an Inclusive Community

Life on campus gives you next-door access to student activities and clubs and opportunities to make friends with neighbors from all walks of life. We facilitate events that highlight and celebrate the diversity and brilliance of our student body—including you!

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Housing Options

In your first year at NCC, you can apply to live in the Residence Hall Commons, a traditional dorm-style community with single- and double-occupancy rooms, study lounges, social spaces and laundry rooms.

As a second-year or returning student, you may apply to stay in the Residence Hall Commons or move to the Apartments. Each apartment includes a full kitchen, living room, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with access to the laundry rooms.

Learn more about your on-campus housing options.


Housing Application Process

Once you’ve applied to NCC, you can complete the Housing Application and pay the $225 housing application fee. We prioritize applications in the order we receive them, and housing decisions are contingent on a disciplinary check and a minimum enrollment of 9 credits each semester.

Learn more about how to apply for housing.


How Much Does It Cost to Live On Campus?

Save money compared to private rentals and utility bills while enjoying the advantages of free WiFi, laundry and parking. As the only community college with dorms in PA, we consider affordability in our on-campus residence and meal plan options.

Housing Cost and Fees

Getting Ready to Live at NCC?

Guide for Moving In
Guide for Moving In

Before you move in, there are a few essential steps to complete. Review our full move-in guide, which includes all the requirements and dates you need to know and helpful lists of what to pack (and what not to bring!).

Prepare for Your Move
Meet the Housing Staff
Meet With Us

Our Housing & Residence Life team is eager to assist you in understanding your housing options, filling out the NCC housing application and getting to the bottom of any other questions you have. Let us know how we can help.

Contact Us
Housing Resources
Housing Resources

Check out our full list of resources and FAQs to help you prepare for life in Northampton Community College housing.

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Apply for Housing Today

Join our community on the Bethlehem campus to get connected, focus on your studies and make the most of your education.

Submit your NCC housing application today!

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