Work Study

Work Study

Today’s workforce is fiercely competitive. We know that pursuing a higher education is more important than ever before, and yet, it is often not enough to land graduates a job. Work experience is an essential component in a student’s journey to prepare them for the workforce. The Federal Work-Study Program offers the unique opportunity to work on- or off- campus while students gain professional experience in a range of fields.


Higher education is an investment. We encourage you to take advantage of available opportunities to plan a career path, build your professional network and resume, and to learn valuable skills for the next phase of your academic journey.


Even if you think you are not eligible for financial aid, we encourage you to fill out your FAFSA. If you are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program, there is an abundance of employment opportunities available on Handshake!


How it Works

  • Award eligibility is based on financial need.
  • Full award amounts are not guaranteed - students may earn up to a maximum of their award amount.
  • Wages are at least $7.25 (current minimum) but vary across positions. In addition to the duties and responsibilities, wages and are based on factors such as, the student worker’s prior work experience, skill set, and level of education.
  • Academic responsibility comes first! Work hours are scheduled around class times.
  • Students may obtain more than 1 FWS position but may not earn more than the total award amount. The award would be divided between positions.
  • Earnings are paid in bi-weekly paychecks through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Funds are not applied directly to the student’s tuition bill.

Accessing Work-Study at NCC


  1. Complete your FAFSA application.

  2. Review your financial aid offer on Workday Student (Click “Finances,” then “View Financial Aid”) to see if you have Federal Work-Study available on your initial financial aid award.E-mail if you do not see work-study on your award and would like to participate in the program.

  3. Accept your Federal Work-Study Award on Workday Student (Click "Finances," then "Accept/Decline Awards").

  4. Review and apply for jobs on Workday Student (click "Career," then "Find Student Jobs"). Workday Instructions: Finalizing your work study job.

Next Steps

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