Dual Enrollment FAQs
Northampton Community College

Commonly Asked Dual Enrollment Application & Registration Questions

Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding applying and registering for Dual Enrollment classes. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the College Connections Team.

Email dualenrollment@northampton.edu with your full name, NCC ID (included in your acceptance email), name of your HS and graduation year to let us know of this error.

Please make sure you are entering the information provided correctly. Remember you are using your NCC email address (provided in your acceptance email). If you are still receiving an error, please contact the NCC Help Desk at HelpDesk@northampton.edu or call 610.861.5413.

The parent/guardian who is overseeing the homeschooler can sign for the school counselor. Please provide any transcript that you may have. Home Schooled students should sign up for the NCC Placement Test for English and/or Math here to assist with placement in college courses (as a transcript is reviewed).

The College Connections Team recommends 1-2 courses per semester, but this is a personal decision. Remember that you will be taking college level courses which is a different workload than you have experienced before. Also, keep in mind your high school course load, activities, work, and also that each course has a financial cost including the cost of books/supplies.

There are a few reasons this may be happening:


  • You didn’t clear out the items in your inbox (top right). Please review our video on How to Access Workday here for further assistance. 
  • You do not meet the prerequisite for the course you selected. You can see those guidelines listed on the left hand side, above the “troubleshoot” area.
  • If you’re recently sent in your FERPA form and/or transcript please allow 5-7 business days for our staff to update your record which includes updating your GPA. There are several courses that require a cumulative GPA of 3.0/83% (English eligible).
  • If you have not sent your FERPA form or transcript, both should be sent to dualenrollment@northampton.edu

NCC offers several course formats as well as schedule types (various start/end dates throughout the semester). Learn more here.

You can view course offerings outside of Workday using our Course Search Tool here.

The College Connections Team recommends you start with what colleges call General Education courses: English 1 & 2, Introduction to Psychology, or Introduction to Communication. Our General Studies Specialized Diploma is a great place to start as well as it encompasses many of these core general education courses.

NCC does offer a limited number of honors courses. You will need to apply and be accepted before you can register for honors sections of any course. For more information about our Honors Program, click here.

Please send an unofficial copy of your AP test results by logging in to your College Board account and downloading your Score Report. You can send your Score Report to collegeconnections@northampton.edu. Please include your full name and NCC ID in your email, and make sure your name appears clearly on your score report (it cannot be handwritten).

Students can take our English and/or math placement test to possibly gain eligibility. For more information, visit our Placement Testing website.

You can submit an Override-Exemption in Workday that will be evaluated by NCC faculty. If approved you will be placed into the course in Workday. After submitting the request please allow 5-7 business days and then check your Workday portal course schedule. For more information on how to view your course schedule in Workday, watch this video

Complete the Drop or Swap a class process through your Workday Student Portal by the add/drop date on our calendar. (Use this quick reference guide if you need help). Please make note that if a class is dropped by the first drop date, students will receive a full tuition refund. If students choose to drop a class before the second drop date listed, they will receive a 50% tuition refund. If a class is dropped after the second drop date, refunds will not be given. Typically the last day to add or drop classes happens within the first 3 weeks of classes.

Students can view their grades by logging into their Workday Student Portal.

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Dual Enrollment Info Sessions

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Dual Enrollment Registration Sessions

Our Virtual Registration Sessions are small group zoom sessions where students/families can ask questions and troubleshoot any registration concerns. 

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