Women's Caucus

The Women's Caucus highlights women's issues at the college and advocates for change and policies that will advance opportunities and achieve equity for individuals of all genders across the College.


Who We Are & What We Do

The caucus membership consists of faculty, staff, and administrators. Our work is focused on:

  • analyzing and evaluating women’s experiences at NCC
  • coordinating the celebration of women’s accomplishments and contributions to the college and our communities
  • empowering women to express themselves and to make meaningful contributions to our workplace culture
  • ensuring women are well represented wherever decisions are being made
  • examining existing policies to see where systemic barriers to women exist and whose voices aren’t being heard
  • supporting leadership development for women at NCC

Women's Support Services

Campus resources are available to provide help across a range of areas. View NCC's women's support services and resources using the link below or contact Alex at womens_caucus@northampton.edu if you'd like to contribute to the directory.

View Women's Services At NCC


Advocacy & Awareness

We currently advocate and raise awareness for these issues and concerns

Paid caregiver leave

  • establishing 8 weeks of paid leave for all full-time employees

NCC culture and women’s experiences

  • gathering and analyzing women’s experiences
  • reducing the microaggressions experienced by women, parents, and caregivers
  • determining causes of inequity between men and women at NCC


  • finding shared experiences across social identities by partnering with members of other caucuses


  • teaching the greater college community about challenges women currently face at the college

Joining the Caucus

Meetings typically occur regularly on the 3rd Friday of the month at 11 a.m. during the semester. Additional meetings may be called and will be announced in advance.

Individuals interested in joining the caucus may email womens_caucus@northampton.edu or reach out to the following points of contact for more information:

  • Alex Briggs, coordinator
  • Becca Martin, coordinator
  • Morgan Flagg-Detwiler, coordinator
  • Chris Armstrong
  • Danielle Ringhoff
  • Diane Hahn
  • Precie Schroyer
  • Rachael Gorchov

Next Steps

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