Medical Office Specialist

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Specialized Diploma conferred

Program Narrative

Your education could give you a competitive edge when pursuing employment in an office setting. Northampton's Office Administration diploma programs are designed to prepare you to enter a modern office setting in a short time frame. The programs offer career-specific course work for the student wishing to complete their studies within two semesters. Each program provides course offerings that prepare you to work as a team player in a specialized office environment.

Your studies will include state-of-the-art office equipment and computer software. You will learn the marketable skills required to work effectively with other people in an office environment. We emphasize development of professional attitudes, values, and ethics. As you progress through the program, you'll gain critical thinking, priority setting, and decision-making skills needed in today's quality-oriented business environment.

Graduates of this diploma program often go on to gain employment and then pursue NCC's Medical Administrative Assistant associate's degree.

Program Features

This program prepares you for the responsibilities and challenges expected of a skilled administrative assistant in a medical work environment. You'll start by learning key medical terminology. Your training will then include the special administrative skills needed for front office, medical transcription, health services coding, and insurance responsibilities required in the wide range of medical settings.

Through our program, you'll gain proficiency in technology, human relations, time management and organizational skills. You'll also hone your decision making and creative thinking. Our technology training emphasizes medical, word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, and communications software applications. By the time you graduate, you will have grown to be an accurate, resourceful, and productive professional with the skills necessary to be able to comfortably communicate with other medical professionals in a medical environment

Placement of graduates from our Medical Office Specialist program has been consistently excellent. Employer surveys indicate a very high degree of satisfaction with graduates of this program. Graduates of this diploma program often go on to pursue the Medical Administrative Assistant degree upon graduation while employed. This program can be completed in the day or evening, on a full- or part-time basis.

Contact the Admissions Office at 610.861.5500 for further information.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to work independently and collaboratively in a medical setting.
  • Possess the necessary technical skills operating state-of-the-art equipment and job-specific knowledge related to working in a medical office environment.
  • Exemplify professionally acceptable attitudes, values, and ethics needed in the medical profession.
  • Procure an appropriate position in a medical setting with a commitment to lifelong learning to achieve professional growth.

Medical Office Specialist

Specialized Diploma

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
OFAD 101 or Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials I
OFAD 121 Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials II
OFAD 144 Microsoft Outlook
OFAD 149 Powerpoint
OFAD 151 Computer Fundamentals
OFAD 154 Medical Terminology
OFAD___ OFAD Elective
Second Semester
OFAD 121 or Keyboarding II on Microcomputers or
OFAD 201 Advanced Document Production
OFAD 155 Basic Medical Transcription
OFAD 170 Coding for Medical Services
OFAD 172 Processing: Health Care Services Reimbursement
OFAD 240 Medical Office Management Practices
Total Credits

Career Potential: Medical Receptionist, Medical Billing Clerk, Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Coder, Medical Records Clerk, Medical Secretary

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