Medical Billing

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Specialized Diploma conferred

Program Narrative

The medical records field continues to grow as does the demand for well-trained billing specialists who understand coding diagnoses and health care services. Northampton's two-semester Medical Billing Specialist program, offered at both the Main and Monroe campuses, was designed with the advice of area medical professionals to be more than an overview. The coursework is directly focused on helping you develop the essential skills you need to immediately join the expanding professional medical field.

Program Features

Coursework in the program is hands-on and taught by experts. Northampton's program thoroughly prepares you to accept the responsibilities and challenges of the position. You will become comfortable using computerized office equipment, including industry-standard medical billing software. You'll become an accurate, resourceful, and productive professional, comfortable communicating with other medical professionals.

By the time you graduate, you will understand coding concepts, methodologies, and the process of medical/health service reimbursement. You'll be able to utilize your knowledge, analytical skills, and administrative techniques to organize, prioritize, and effectively code medical/health records.

As you complete your diploma, Northampton's Career Services Office and your instructors can help guide you to employment opportunities. An employee in this field will be a great asset to a professional medical employer.

Classes are offered during the evening at the Main Campus and during the day at the Monroe Campus.

Program Requirements

There is no prerequisite for this program; however, previous office experience in a medical setting is an advantage.

Contact the Admissions Office at 610.861.5500 for further information.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Understand the guidelines regarding the use of the ICD-9-CM coding system and demonstrate the application of the codes to diagnosis/procedures.
  • Understand the guidelines regarding the use of the HCPCS coding system and demonstrate the application of the codes to medical equipment, supplies, etc.
  • Understand the guidelines regarding the use of the CPT coding system and demonstrate the application of the codes to procedures.
  • Understand the proper documentation that is required in order to apply the appropriate coding system.

Medical Billing

Specialized Diploma

Course Code Course Title
Fall Semester
OFAD 101 Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials I
OFAD 154 Medical Terminology
Spring Semester
OFAD 170 Coding for Medical Services
OFAD 172 Processing: Health Care Services Reimbursement
Total Credits

Career Potential: Medical coder, Medical Billing Specialist

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