A minimum full-time class load is 12 credit hours. Students registering for 12 or more credit hours in either the fall or spring semester or for 8 or more in any summer session must have approval from an academic advisor. Students will not be allowed to take more than 19 credit hours for either the fall or spring semester or more than 13 credit hours in the summer unless required by their academic program. Exceptions may be granted for students who have a G.P.A of at least 2.75, advisor or Dean recommendation.

Completing an Associate's Degree in Two Years

The number of credit hours that a student must carry in order to complete a program within a two-year period will vary depending upon his or her academic program. Consult the Catalog program description for the variation in credits required by each program. Students who elect to pursue a minimum full-time load (12 credits) each semester cannot graduate in two years unless they complete a significant number of credits during summer sessions.  If students must take developmental courses, it will take more than two years to complete a degree. Students are encouraged to review all this information with their academic advisor and to discuss the option that presents the strongest opportunity for academic success.