Since its founding, Northampton Community College has been committed to offering excellence in education at a moderate cost. While NCC adheres to the principle that students and their families have the primary responsibility to pay for college costs as their means permit, financial assistance programs represent a bridge between a family's ability to pay and the cost of higher education. Last year, the College awarded over $46 million in financial assistance to approximately 7,220 full and part-time students. The NCC Financial Aid Office administers many types of financial assistance including federal, state, private and institutional financial aid programs to help students meet their educational costs.

Most financial aid awards are made on the basis of financial need. A student's financial need is determined by deducting the student's expected family contribution (EFC) from the cost of education. To qualify for financial aid, you must demonstrate financial need while maintaining academic progress. Financial aid awards must be applied to educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books, room, board, supplies, transportation or other educational costs.

Financial aid awards may consist of grants and/or scholarships (funds which do not have to be repaid), loans (low interest loans which require little or no payment while a student is attending college on at least a half-time basis), employment (money which a student earns through work either on or off-campus) or a combination of these sources.