FOOD 110 Food Preparation I (Cr4) (2:6)
Basic food preparations, including station assignments, theory, personnel organization, service and storage; lecture, demonstration, and participation. Pre.- or coreq.- HOSP 101 and CULA 102. Offered fall semester only.

FOOD 123 Menu Planning and Food and Beverage Cost Control (Cr3) (3:0)
Menu design from fast food operations through fine dining; emphasis on creating balanced menus that are profitable, consumer-driven and nutritionally proportioned; methods of establishing menu selection, cost control in food, beverage, and labor; profit margins, selling price strategy; truth in menu regulations and menu engineering as a marketing and merchandising tool. Offered spring semester only.

FOOD 250 Dining Room Operations (Cr4) (2:4)
This course provides instruction in and practical application of the operation of a restaurant dining room. Students will examine various topics in relation to front of the house operations, management practices, technology, trends and communication techniques. Students will engage in learning theory and practice of service fundamentals through a lab experience. Prereq. - HOSP101 and 130.

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