QUAL 210 Statistical Quality Control (Cr3) (3:0)
Controlling the output variability of the process and producing quality products and services using applied sampling and statistical process control; data collection SPC application, chart construction interpretation, process capability, and taking corrective action; use of spreadsheet and SPC software in data collection and analysis; and statistical experiments. Prereq. - Evidence of score of 500 or higher on SAT mathematics exam or 11th grade PSSA mathematics score of 1300 or higher, or completion of MATH 026 or 028 with C or better or appropriate competence in MATH 150 as determined by the mathematics placement test, and industrial experience or ENGG 125 or ELEC 177. Offered fall semester only.

QUAL 215 Quality Assurance (Cr3) (3:0)
Planning and analysis of quality; customer requirements identification, design review and processes, quality analysis and feedback techniques such as experimental models, process yields analysis, testing, reliability, audit practices, customer/supplier relations, and application of ISO 9000 series of quality standards. Offered spring semester only.

QUAL 221G Applied Quality Practicum (Cr3) (0:0:12 practicum)
Actual work experience in manufacturing or service organization providing exposure to the application of Quality methodology to its process, product or service; emphasis on cultural issues, documentation and data collection/reporting, auditing, ethics, and problem solving. Pre- or coreq. - QUAL 210, 215 and ENGL 101.