PUBH 101 Introduction to Public Health (Cr3)(3:0)
This course will provide students with an overview of the population health approach to public health. Students will learn evidence-based public health tools to explain the impact of chronic and non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases, determinants of health, and the environment on the health of populations. Students will examine public health issues and determine how to effectively assess options for interventions to promote health and improve health outcomes. This course includes a review of public health policy, health care systems, and the roles of health professionals.

PUBH 102 Introduction to Epidemiology (Cr3)(3:0)
The course covers applications of epidemiologic methods and procedures to the study of the distribution and determinants of health and diseases, morbidity, injuries, disability, and mortality in populations. Students will be introduced to epidemiologic methods for the control of conditions such as infectious and chronic diseases, mental disorders, community and environmental health hazards, and unintentional injuries. Other topics include quantitative aspects of epidemiology, for example, data sources, measures of morbidity and mortality, evaluation of association and causality, and study design. Prereq. - MATH150 and PUBH101.

PUBH 103 Social and Cultural Perspectives of Health (Cr3)(3:0)
This course is designed to develop basic literacy regarding social and cultural ideals that influence health status and public health interventions. Students will be introduced to an ecological, multilevel theory of health, to illustrate how health is molded by various health determinants, including biology, individual behavior, social relationships, social stratification, institutions, communities, culture, the physical environment, policies, and globalization. Students will examine the causes and mechanisms in which health disparities occur and which populations are most at risk, leading to a greater understanding of the role of cultural competence in Public Health. Prereq. - MATH150 and PUBH101.

PUBH 201 Introduction to Global Health (Cr3)(3:0)
The course will introduce students to the critical links between global health and social and economic development. Students will have a basic overview of the determinants of health and how health status is measured. Students will review the burden of disease, risk factors, and key measures to address the burden of disease in cost-effective ways. Communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as environmental, behavioral, and cultural influences, will be discussed. Global partnerships and advances in science to improve outcomes will also be addressed. Prereq.- PUBH102 and 103.

PUBH 202 Public Health Across the Life Span (Cr3)(3:0)
This course is designed to provide evidence based research of trends and developments in health throughout the life span, dealing with the prenatal period through senescence. The course will examine the health profiles of infants and small children (birth - 14 years), adolescents and young adults (15-24 years), adults (25-64 years), and older adults (65 years and older). This course will be conducted in a seminar format to foster a collaborative learning environment. Prereq.- PUBH102 and 103.

PUBH 203 Public Health Education Communication (Cr3)(3:0)
This course will provide students with a practical approach to understanding and applying principles of health education communication to a range of public health issues. Students will employ these concepts and skills for analyzing and evaluating current public health education communication campaigns. Students will create health education communication campaign products in both written and oral format. This course will be conducted in a seminar format to foster a collaborative learning environment. Prereq. - PUBH201 and 202.

PUBH 204 Community Health Practice (Cr3)(3:0)
This course is designed to study the theories and principles of public health promotion at the community level. Students will examine the assessment of population health and the planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs in community settings. Students develop and enhance their skills by designing and implementing a health promotion program in the college community. This course will be conducted in a seminar format to foster a collaborative learning environment. Prereq. - PUBH201 and 202.

PUBH 205 Public Health Field Experience (Cr5)(3:0:10)
This course is designed for Public Health majors as a pre-professional field experience of 150 hours to broaden the student's public health perspectives and provide experience in applying the theory and content learned in their public health coursework. It is expected that the field experience will afford students the opportunity to interact and collaborate with public health professionals and participate in actions that constitute public health. Integral to closing the loop on the learning process is the opportunity for students to reflect on the field experience. Students will meet weekly in a seminar format class focused on sharing, comparing, and contrasting the different infrastructures and approaches they are observing and experiencing at each field location. Prereq. - PUBH201 and 202.

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