OFAD 101 Keyboarding & Formatting Essentials I (Cr3) (3:0)
This course will focus on the introduction and development keyboarding methodology through touch typing. Emphasis will also be placed on the formatting skills required to master the preparation of business letters, reports, tables, memorandums, and resumes. Correct technique is strongly encouraged, and a minimum typing speed of 30 words per minute is required to successfully complete the course. Also available through Online Learning.

OFAD 121 Keyboarding & Formatting II (Cr3) (3:0)
This course will focus on reinforcement of correct "touch" keyboarding techniques with emphasis on speed and accuracy. Develops mastery of formatting "mailable" business documents using Microsoft Word to accomplish the following: complex letters, a variety of business reports, memos and memo reports, enhanced complex tables, and template modification and application with a minimum speed of 40 words for course completion. Also available in a hybrid format. Prereq. - OFAD 101.

OFAD 125 WordPerfect (Cr3) (3:0)
This course will focus on the development of the skills required to prepare, format and save documents using WordPerfect software as required in a professional office environment. Emphasis will be placed on document accuracy; including formatting, spelling and grammar, as well as overall professional appearance. Particular attention will be paid to mastering file management, composing and producing professional quality correspondence, including emails, resumes and cover letters.

OFAD 141 Introduction to Word (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course is designed for personal and / or vocational use for students wishing to master the fundamentals of Microsoft Word; creation and formatting of letters, reports, labels and flyers; insertion of graphic components to Word documents and introduction to mail merge. Also available through Online Learning. 

OFAD 142 Introduction to Excel (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course is designed for personal and / or vocational use for students wishing to master the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel; creation and formatting of worksheets and charts, creation of formulas, use of functions and graphic features of Excel. Also available through Online Learning. 

OFAD 143 Introduction to Access (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course is designed for personal and / or vocational use for students wishing to master the fundamentals of Microsoft Access; creation, modification and sorting of database tables; extracting information via queries; creation of forms and reports; importing and exporting Access data with Microsoft Word and Excel software including mail merge. Also available through Online Learning. 

OFAD 144 Introduction to Outlook (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course develops skill in utilizing all components of Microsoft Outlook, an information management application that provides tools to send and receive email, organize schedules and events, maintain contacts, to-do-lists and notes. Organizing and managing information is a fundamental skill required in today's society, and while anyone can benefit from this course, these skills are extremely important to those preparing for a career in a business, legal, or medical office. Also available through Online Learning.

OFAD 149 Digital Presentation Applications (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course develops skills in mastering the fundamentals of a variety of current digital presentation applications. It offers students regardless of career focus, the skills to plan a variety of presentations for an audience. The creation and sharing of professional-quality presentations requires embracing newer interactive, intuitive, mobile and cloud friendly technologies along with a basic understanding of how to plan a presentation from inception to delivery. Also available through Online Learning.

OFAD 151 Computer Fundamentals (Cr1) (1:0)
This introductory course is designed to develop computer skills for personal and/or vocational objectives. Topics include the basics of using and maintaining a Windows-based computer, digital file management, and accessing the Internet to communicate and locate information. Students also learn to use the institution's course management system and current social networking sites.

OFAD 152 Excel for the Medical Profession (Cr2) (2:0)
This course develops key skills in Microsoft Excel with a focus on spreadsheets used and useful in the medical office environment. Topics covered include formulas, functions formatting, charts and templates. Advanced topics include pivot tables, general macros skills and accessing data from external sources. Prereq. - OFAD142 or CISC101.

OFAD 163 Law Office Procedures (Cr3) (3:0)
Legal software for billing and docket control, procedures for filing, phone techniques, and appropriate handling of clients in a legal setting; divorce, bankruptcy, and keyboarding of wills. Prereq. - word processing skill using Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Offered spring semester only.

OFAD 201 Advanced Document Production (Cr3) (3:0)
This course focuses on effective utilization and further development of advanced word processing and spreadsheet software features used in preparing and formatting various documents according to a variety of style guides and resources. Emphasis is placed on extreme accuracy, mail-ability, and high-level production using simulated information-processing projects that resemble applications that would be required in modern office environments. Prereq. - OFAD 121.

OFAD 230 Office Procedures (Cr3) (3:0)
This course emphasizes the essential skills required for administrative assistants working in a contemporary office environment. Topics for this course will include: office protocols, time management, office equipment and technology, records management, meeting and travel planning, customer service, office ergonomics, the virtual administrative assistant, cloud computing, as well as other support functions needed in today's office. Students will develop their customer service, teamwork, and problem solving, as well as other soft skills via real-world office simulations. Prereq. - OFAD121. Also available through Online Learning. 

OFAD 250 Internship (Cr3) (1:0:10)
This course includes preparatory seminars preceding a 150 hour placement of each student in a health care office or corporate office setting appropriate to the program of study. The on-site experience will provide actual "hands-on" experience supervised by an on-site, experienced mentor; assignments by faculty will include maintenance of a daily journal and development of a detailed procedures manual which reflects office operations. On-site visits will be made by OFAD faculty. Prereq. - BUSA221G; Pre- or co-req. - OFAD230 or 240