MEPL 112 Meeting and Convention Management (Cr3) (3:0)
The introductory course provides the student with an interest in planning events such as meetings, conferences and conventions with the parameters of that segment. Student are introduced to the differences between meetings and conventions, the employees involved in those venues and the steps that are to be taken to plan, organize and produce such activities as meetings, seminars, conventions and trade shows. The course is for those with an interest in organizing and coordinating meetings, conventions, events and tours. Offered fall semester only.

MEPL 122 Special Event Management (Cr3) (3:0)
This course covers the theoretical and practical foundation for event management. Emphasis is placed on research, design, planning, coordination, budgeting and evaluation of events. Topics include competencies required for successful events, including parades, festivals, sporting and other special events. Offered spring semester only.

MEPL 132 Event Promotion and Sponsorship (Cr3) (3:0)
This course examines how to promote events and use events to endorse products, services and causes. Specifics covered include image, branding, advertising, publicity, ambush marketing and public relations, their importance to an event or product, the benefits and best practices of each. Cause marketing, corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, non-profits and donations will all be analyzed in relationship to sponsorship. Also covered are the coordinating methods to secure sponsorship contracts. Prereq.- MEPL 112 or 122. Offered fall semester only.

MEPL 143 Event and Meeting Facilities Management (Cr3) (3:0)
This course highlights meeting and event facilities and venues and their methods of operation. Venues included are public assembly facilities, arenas, stadiums, convention centers, performing arts centers, and amphitheaters. Logistical considerations of booking events, contract negotiations, ticket sales, maintenance and production are identified. Management techniques of hospitality facilities are examined to improve business productivity. Prereq.- MEPL 112 and 122. Offered spring semester only.

MEPL 147 The Business of Social Events and Wedding Consulting (Cr3) (3:0)
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to operate a business related to social events and wedding consulting. Emphasis is placed on setting up and running an event consulting business, financial management for the business and the client, guidelines for working with clients, selecting vendors and venues, developing professional relationship, timelines and planning schedules. Events covered include: birthdays, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceanaras, family reunions, showers, sweet sixteen, bachelor(ette) parties and custom designed celebrations. Prereq.- MEPL 112 and 122. Offered spring semester only.