MDAS 101 Medical Assistant Techniques I (Cr5) (3:6)
The course will provide an introduction to the clinical role of the Medical Assistant, and will include basic skills necessary to assist the physician and provide direct patient care in the medical office setting. Basic skills will include obtaining a patient history, taking vital signs, administering oral, liquid and topical medications. Telephone triage skills, documentation, infection control principles, use of an autoclave, and assisting with minor office procedures and surgery will also be covered. Restricted to Medical Assistant students. Pre- or Coreq. - BIOS 130, OFAD 101 and HCOA 154. Additional course fee: $13.00

MDAS 105 Medical Assistant Techniques II (Cr5) (3:6)
This course focuses on advanced level clinical skills common to medical offices and clinics.  The enhanced role and function of the medical assistant will focus on legal aspects, ethical aspects, patient education,  CLIA waived testing, Point of Care Testing, Rapid Response Teams for emergencies, Electrocardiography, phlebotomy, respiratory and  physical therapy and rehabilitation therapeutic procedures.  Advanced pharmacology will focus on parenteral calculations, preparations, and administration, with a special component on immunizations throughout the lifespan. Restricted to Medical Assistant students. Prereq. - MDAS 101.  Pre- or coreq. - HCOA 172 and HCOA 240.

MDAS 201 Medical Assisting Clinical Externship (Cr4)(2:2)
This course provides an opportunity for the student to integrate theory and practicum into reality practice while working in a medical environment. Medical assisting skills and knowledge will increase in skill proficiency learned in MDAS 101 and 105. This course offers clinical experiences in diagnostic procedures, and other competencies delegated to the entry-level medical assistant with consideration of the ethical and legal implications. This course includes a capstone medical assistant seminar component to link theory to practice to reality. Restricted to Medical Assistant students. Prereq.- MDAS 105.