MASG 101 Massage Therapy Procedures I (Cr4) (3:3)
This course will provide students the fundamentals of massage therapy for table and chair massages. Students will learn hands-on to apply basic massage techniques to the entire body, body mechanics, draping, lotions, as well as palpating muscle and skeletal structures. Additionally, practice management topics such as ethic, legal issues, infection control, documentation, business practices and professional development will be reviewed. Pre- or coreq.- BIOS 204. Additional course fees: $63.00.

MASG 102 Massage Therapy Procedures 2 (Cr5) (3:6)
Students will continue to deepen their knowledge of the discipline through focused study of the theory and assessment of neuromuscular conditions. The course includes an extensive review of techniques specific to deep tissue massage, including trigger point therapy, friction techniques, myofascial techniques, and stretching. Students will also be introduced to multiple modalities including, but not limited to, massage for pregnancy, sports, geriatric, and pediatric. Prereq.- MASG 101. Pre- or coreq.- BIOS 254.

MASG 210 Massage Therapy Procedures 3 (Cr4) (3:3)
This course will prepare students to integrate a basic understanding of pathologies, diseases, pharmacology and pain management to appropriately tailor massage treatment. Disease awareness, treatment planning, indication/contraindications for therapy and Infection Control will be stressed. In the clinic setting, student practice and refine techniques in a professional setting while providing massages to a variety of clients from across the lifespan. The student works with clients in a supervised environment to develop technique, professionalism, communication skills and self-confidence. Students will be required to complete a minimum of two hours of supervised hands-on table massage as well as 14 hours of unsupervised table/chair massage of various lengths and clients of various ages, gender and wellness. Prereq.- MASG 102.