HOTL 110 Hospitality Law (Cr3) (3:0)
The course will introduce students to the operations of the legal system and practical knowledge of law as it pertains to the hospitality industry. A case study approach will be used to understand restaurant, hotel, and travel laws and regulations that influence business and management decisions in the hospitality industry. The course is designed to provide the student with the practical knowledge of law and the operations of the legal system. Also available through Online Learning.

HOTL 140 Club Management (Cr3) (3:0)
This course is a study of club management, to include country, professional, private, city, athletic and other forms of clubs. Concepts covered include the organizational structure of clubs, board of directors, membership requirements, service excellence, leadership, human resources, strategic and financial management, food and beverage operations, club marketing and computer systems.

HOTL 150 Resort Management (Cr3) (3:0)
This course highlights the operation and management of resort properties. Beginning with the resort concept and the historical development of resorts, details are presented in planning, development, management, marketing and financial aspects that deal with the unique nature of resort business. Analysis of management systems and methods for development of full-service resorts are presented, along with comparison of specialized requirements for different types of resorts based on location, climate, activities, and life-style.

HOTL 160 Introduction to the Gaming Industry (Cr3) (3:0)
This course provides an overview of casino management with an emphasis on the analysis of the gaming industry and its trends, a casino's interface with the hotel, organizational structure and terminology. Students will learn the history of gaming, various types of games, daily casino operations, casino marketing and financing, government regulations of gambling and the future development of the industry. Formerly CASN 101. Offered fall semester only.

HOTL 207 Rooms Division Management (Cr3)(3:0)
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the rooms division operations of a hotel. Areas of study include an overview of front office procedures, housekeeping, engineering, night audit, security, and revenue management. Technology and computer software that operates the hotel will be introduced. Reservation channels and techniques for managing demand at the hotel will be presented. Prereq. - HOSP 101. Additional course fees: $60.00.