HOSP 101 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (Cr3)(3:0)
Survey of the hospitality and tourism industry; the industry as a systems network; the major industry sectors; retail and wholesale travel agency, lodging and accommodations, food and beverage.

HOSP 105 Enhancing Guest Service (Cr3)(3:0)
This course is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the importance of guest service in a service economy and the critical necessity of service in hospitality management. Students will learn how to create value for guests by building guest loyalty. Specific skills will be enhanced including positive attitude projection, anticipation of and exceeding customer expectations and management tools that will help inspire others to offer excellent guest service.

HOSP 111 Food and Beverage Management (Cr3) (3:0)
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the hospitality food service industry, it's variety of operations/outlets and how to gain the skills to successfully manage these operations/outlets. Areas of study include an overview of food and beverage outlets, food service marketing, menu analysis, menu cost and pricing strategies. Analysis will be done on service standard operating procedures, types of service, food and beverage sourcing, and beverage management. Offered in Spring semester only. 

HOSP 130 Convention Services and Catering Management (Cr3) (2:2)
This course focuses on the foundation of convention services which includes reaching and servicing the group meetings and special event markets. The process of selling space, functions and events to groups will be covered. The course will also cover the management and marketing of catering on and off premises, including special event functions. The planning, financing, organizing, marketing and operations of catered events will be discussed. Students apply learning through the participation in 32 hours of on-campus catered events. Formerly FOOD 130. Pre- or coreq- HOSP 101 and HOSP 105.

HOSP 201 Strategic Leadership in Hospitality (Cr3) (3:0)
This course is designed to acquaint students with the leadership, management, supervision and quality issues facing today's hospitality industry. It covers the organization and management of hospitality operations. Offering in Spring semester only. Prereq. - HOSP 101 and HOSP 105. Core: D (Hospitality programs only)

HOSP 210 Human Resources Management for the Hospitality Industry (Cr3) (3:0)
Recruiting, selection, orientation, training and development, performance appraisals, compensation, discipline methods, and development of the skills to be a successful manager within the culturally diverse hospitality industry. Also available through Online Learning. Prereq. - HOSP 101 and HOSP 105.

HOSP 212 Hospitality Financial Reporting (Cr3) (3:0)
This course will provide an understanding of the principles of finance and accounting and to comprehend the money implications of decisions in hospitality.Basic relevant financial concepts and financial tools are introduced to improve business decision making, including how to read balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss, cash flow statements, critical ratios and other financial measurements and to interpret what the numbers mean. Offered spring semester only.Prereq. - HOSP 101 and HOSP 105.

HOSP 215 Hospitality Sales and Marketing (Cr3) (3:0)
The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of marketing and sales, as they relate to the major decisions hospitality marketers face in balancing objectives and resources against the needs and opportunities in the global marketplace. The course focuses on the hospitality markets and products through a creation of a marketing plan. The increased role of hospitality technology to improve hospitality sales will also be addressed. Prereq. - HOSP101 and 105. Also available through Online Learning.

HOSP 221G Hospitality Management Practicum (Cr3) (0.5:0:15)
Structured work experience in selected hotels, resorts or restaurants; meeting and event planning venues; and adventure tourism facilities. Minimum of 225 contact hours. Students are required to function in a variety of workstations to reinforce learned classroom/lab skills. The student will be required to submit evaluations of his/her work. The application of hospitality management principles to the work environment serves as a valuable learning experience for the student. This course may be taken four times for credit. Prereq.: HOSP 101, 105, 111, 201, 210, 215 and ENGL 101. Core: WI.

HOSP 223 Disney College Program (Cr0)
Students live and work at Walt Disney World and learn current business practices, customer service, leadership skills, communication skills, workforce diversity, and corporate trends. While there, students must also take at least one 3 credit Disney course, which is accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE). Administrative fee: $50. Prereq. - Currently enrolled at NCC, have completed a minimum of 12 college credits, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

HOSP 224 Disney Advanced Internship (Cr0)
Students work full time at Walt Disney World as part of an Advanced Internship designed to give them career-related experience in their chosen field, or one that they are considering. A variety of fields are available such as: accounting and finance, marketing and sales, chemistry, conservation education, veterinary science, biotechnology, library science, human resources, and hospitality to name a few. Administrative fee: $50. Prereq. -Must be currently enrolled at NCC, in good academic standing, meet all the requirements for the particular Advanced Internship (such as experience and program of study), successfully participate in competitive selection process with Disney College recruiting staff, and be approved by NCC Career Services Director. Some Advanced Internships require prior Disney World Experience (HOSP 223).

HOSP 293 Special Studies in Hospitality Management (Cr3)
See Statement on Special Studies on page 12. Offered on demand.