ELTC 107 Electrical Wiring I (Cr3) (3:1)
This course provides an introduction to the practices of electrical wiring with a focus on residential single and multi-family dwellings. Covers project planning, materials calculation, and National Electrical Code based installation and wiring practices. Formerly ELTC 807. Prereq.- EMEC 101. Additional course fees $20.00.

ELTC 109 Electrical Wiring II (Cr3) (3:1)
Practices of electrical wiring with a focus on commercial buildings; project planning, materials calculation, and NEC-based installation and wiring practices. Formerly ELTC 809. Coreq. - ELTC 107. Additional course fees $20.00.

ELTC 130 Introduction to Sustainable Energy (Cr3) (3:0) 
This course introduces the concepts, challenges and potential solutions to globally sustainable energy. The interplay of energy efficiency, universal access, and renewable energy sources used in achieving this goal are examined and discussed. Emphasis is placed on energy conversion fundamentals, data driven analysis and real world examples. Wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass energy sources are analyzed and compared.

ELTC 211 National Electrical Code (Cr4) (4:0)
Preparation for the Masters License Examination including interpretation and application of the current release of the National Electrical Code. Covers calculations; branch and feeder circuits; service entrances; switches, switch boards and panel boards; general equipment; motor circuits, transformers, and welders. Prereq.- ELTC 109 or permission of instructor.

ELTC 222 Solar Photovoltaic Systems I (Cr3) (2:2)
This is an introductory course on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and components including system sizing and design for residential and light commercial projects. Other topics covered include energy conversion fundamentals, installation best practices, NEC compliance and ROI financial analysis. After completing this course, students are eligible to take the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP®) PV Entry Level exam. Prereq.- EMEC 101. Additional course fees $30.00.

ELTC 260G Electrical Construction Practicum (Cr2) (2:0)
Work experience at an approved electrical contracting firm providing exposure to low and mid-level positions. Writing and presenting research, and analysis of a complete electrical installation project. The tasks will be consistent with the course work of the preceding semester. Prereq.- completion of the first three semester technical courses in the Electrical Construction Technology degree program and ENGL 101.

ELTC 265 Electrical Cabling Systems I (Cr3) (2:2)
This course introduces students to the design, installation and application of low voltage wiring systems used in both residential and light commercial settings. National Electrical Code class 1, 2 and 3 circuits are discussed along with the applicable NEC Articles governing installation standards. Basic home computer networking protocols, security / video surveillance systems, and lighting control systems are all examined in this introductory course. Additional Course fees $30.00.