CULA 102 Food Safety and Sanitation (Cr2) (2:0)
Causes and reduction of food borne illness, the HACCP system, proper sanitation methods, integrated pest management and government regulations. Restricted to Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management and Dining Room Operation students only.

CULA 103 Nutrition (Cr2) (2:0)
Fundamentals of nutrition, lifespan and special need nutrition, nutrition and health, marketing nutrition in food service. Restricted to Culinary students. Coreq. - CULA 102; Prereq. - eligibility for ENGL 101.

CULA 105 Product Identification and Stewarding (Cr3) (3:0)
A detailed examination of the products used in the foodservice industry along with the cost control, purchasing and handling of these products; recipe measurements and formulas and kitchen mathematics. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 102 and 103.

CULA 110 Baking (Cr3) (0:6)
A hands-on student participation course dealing with all the elements of baking and pastry making; doughs and yeast products, chemically and physically leavened products, dessert sauces and icings, frozen desserts; storing and handling techniques used with baked products. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 105.

CULA 115 Meat, Poultry and Fish Cutting (Cr3) (0:6)
Care and handling techniques and hands on cutting of commonly used meat, poultry and seafood products used in food service establishments; emphasis on boning and portioning of primal and sub-primal cuts of meat and poultry, and filleting of fishes. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 110.

CULA 120 Skill Development I (Cr3) (0:6)
A chef's guide to the art of cooking beginning with the basic cutting, chopping, mincing and progressively building in complexity; concentration on techniques of cooking and cooking methods; lecture and hands-on class participation dealing with stocks, soups, sauces, roasting, broiling, grilling, sauteing, pan frying, deep frying, braising, stewing, boiling, poaching, vegetable cookery, starch cookery, basic entrees, and meal combination. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 115.

CULA 130 Basic Entrees and Vegetables (Cr3) (0:6)
Combining skills learned up to this point; timing of complete meals from appetizer to dessert progressively working from simple menus to complex. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 170.

CULA 145 Restaurant Operations I (Cr8) (0:16)
Students are put to the test in a practical manner filling each of eight functioning stations; with one week at each the students rotate through the stations preparing all the menu items for that station; during this course the conditions are kept at a slower pace and more time will be allowed for the preparation of food items. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 130. Additional course fees: $62.00.

CULA 150 Restaurant Operations II (Cr15) (0:30)
Students rotate through the kitchen stations and are responsible for all the menu items for that station; the pace of this course will be higher; the menu items will be more demanding and more emphasis will be put on speed and accuracy; this is a true functioning restaurant operation and the students will learn how a restaurant operates in industry. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 145. Additional course fees: $115.00.

CULA 170 Skill Development II (Cr4) (0:8)
A chef's guide to pantry, garde manger, charcuterie and egg cookery; basic applications of the fine art of specialty food handling including pates, galantines, ballotines and sausages; brines, cures and smoking; all phases of meat, poultry and fish smoking and curing; buffet style food presentation, food decoration, vegetable carving, platter presentation and edible and non-edible centerpieces; basic cold food preparation including salads, salad dressings, cold sauces, and egg handling and preparation. Restricted to Culinary students. Prereq. - CULA 120.

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