COLS 101 College Success (Cr1) (1:0)
This course is designed to help new students navigate the community college system. Through the exploration and awareness of academic skills, goal setting, college policies and procedures and self-exploration; students will create an individualized success plan that will provide a clear pathway to succeed in college. All new students who have never attended college are required to enroll in this course. Also available through Online Learning.

COLS120 Career Planning I (Cr1) (1:0)
Students will explore their interests, abilities, values and personality through personal narrative, testing, and career research to formulate a career direction. Pre- or co-req. Reading competency as determined for ENGL101.

COLS 150 Skills for Academic Success (Cr3) (3:0)
This course will provide students with the skills essential to succeeding in the college setting. Focus will be on understanding the role of a college student and the application of academic success strategies. The course will build a foundational level of information literacy and critical thinking skills.