PSAP 250 Developmental Differences (Cr3) (3:0)
An exploration of the symptoms, strengths, daily life experiences, and developmental course of people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Students will explore a wide array of neurodevelopmental disorders and increase their knowledge and understanding of this diverse group of people.  Restricted to Applied Psychology majors. Prereq. - PSYC258 and PSYC235 with B or better

PSAP 260 Counseling Individuals with Developmental Differences (Cr3) (3:0)
This course is an overview of basic counseling skills and knowledge that students need to become effective helpers to those with developmental differences. Skills include identification with the values and ethics of the profession, cultivating the habit of self-reflection, and developing cultural competence. Students will explore the requirements and challenges of working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders, to consider if a counseling career is a good fit. Restricted to Applied Psychology majors. Pre- or coreq. - PSAP250

PSAP 280 Applied Psychology Experiential Learning (Cr3) (1:0:10)
Students apply their knowledge of human development, psychopathology, counseling skills, and counseling values and ethics in a clinical setting. They interact with clients and analyze assessment information to evaluate clients' strengths, needs and challenges. They develop an identification with their profession through the application of ethical guidelines and professional standards. Students create written assessments of their clients to document clinical treatment. Requires 150 hours working in an approved clinical setting. Restricted to Applied Psychology majors. Prereq. - PSAP260 with B or better.