ACLS 020 College Study Skills (Cr2) (2:0)
This course is designed to assist students in attaining college readiness skills. Students will learn strategies for studying, completing assignments, and time management, and strengthen foundational skills in reading and writing. Students will connect to essential academic college services. Required for students who place into either ENGL 025 or READ 016.

ACLS 050 Introduction to Academic Literacy (Cr4) (4:0)
This integrated and accelerated reading and writing course provides intensive practice with critical thinking, reading, and writing in a supportive, collaborative environment. It helps students develop the reading and writing skills necessary to succeed in English I and other college level courses. Students will engage in the reading and writing processes. They will learn and apply the strategies and develop the skills needed to understand challenging academic reading and to write academic essays. Prereq. - Placement as determined by the Reading and English departments through testing.

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