Office Skills Specialist

Business & Technology

Specialized Diploma conferred

Program Narrative

If you would like to work in an office setting but have limited computer experience, you can become a more attractive job candidate by developing your skills. In particular, you'll need to become proficient in the use of the standard suite of computer software. The NCC Office Skills Specialist program prepares you to confidently enter a modern office setting. You can earn your diploma in just one semester.

Course work includes the operation of state-of-the art equipment and business-specific software applications. You'll gain the marketable skills required to work accurately and productively in an office environment.

Program Features

This diploma program provides a unique short-term vehicle to develop the entry-level office software skills needed to become employable in a general office setting. Individual courses are offered in various formats such as online, hybrid, and on campus.

Program Outcomes

Specialized Diploma

Course Code Course Title
OFAD 101 Keyboarding and Formatting Essentials I
OFAD 141 Introduction to Word
OFAD 142 Introduction to Excel
OFAD 143 Introduction to Access
OFAD 144 Microsoft Outlook
OFAD 149 PowerPoint
OFAD 151 Computer Fundamentals
Total Credits

Graduates of the program will:

  • Master operation of state-of-the art equipment and software and appropriately utilize these to accomplish work-related tasks accurately and productively in an office environment.
  • Procure an appropriate position in an office setting with a commitment to lifelong learning to achieve professional growth.

Career Potential: Office Support Specialist, Information Processor