Computer Security

Business & Technology

Degree awarded: Associate in Applied Science

Northampton's Computer Information Technology program prepares you for employment upon graduation. The first year of the program is designed to provide a strong foundation in basic PC applications, operating systems and client-side scripting. You can then choose from several options for specialization, depending upon your area of interest.

The associate's degree in Computer Information Technology may be completed in two years of full-time study with day and evening classes, or in three or four years of part-time study. If you wish, you can also complete multiple specializations. For example a student can complete both the networking and security options. Doing so will add an additional one year of full time study. In this example, a student will finish with two associate's degrees.

Program Narrative

As with the other Computer Information Technology programs at Northampton, the first year of the program is designed to provide a strong foundation of basic PC applications, client operating systems, and the basics of computer networking. In the second year you will focus on the core of computer and network security. Topics include the Security+ and Server+ curriculum, Law and Ethics, and a course in which you will build a number of secure systems and have them tested by your peers.

Completion of the Computer Information Technology program - Security Option, prepares you for an entry-level position as an Information Assurance Specialist, Security Administrator, Security Technologist, or similar.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Gain fundamental and comprehensive understanding of the current field of computing upon which future growth within the field can be realized.
  • Gain computer competencies necessary to compete in the business world.
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate computing problems and explore options for their solutions.
  • Use effective approaches for problem solving and data modeling.
  • Gain experience in solving problems related to business computing and implementing these solutions.
  • Develop awareness of the ethical concerns of computing professionals.

Computer Information Technology: Security Option

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Course Code Course Title Credits
First Semester
CISC 100 Computer Technology I 4
CISC 231 Data Communications and LANs (CCENT) 4
CMTH 102 Speech Communication 3
ENGL 101 English I 3
Second Semester
CISC 105 Microcomputer Operating Systems 4
CISC 186 Linux Administration 3
ENGL 151T English II (Tech Writing) 3
MATH ___ Mathematics Elective (QL) + 3

Social Science: Society and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT) ++ 3
Third Semester
BUSA 221G Business Communication 3
CISC 180 Introduction to Network Security 4
CISC 205 Introduction to Network Operating Systems 4
---------- Technical Elective +++ 3/4
---------- Elective +++ 3
Fourth Semester
CISC 280 Law and Ethics of Computer Security 3
CISC 282 Measure/Counter-Measure 4
CISC 284 Ethical Hacking 3
---------- Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior Elective (SSHB) ++ 3
---------- Arts and Humanities Elective (AH) ++ 3
Total Credits: 63/64

+ Mathematics Elective options: MATH 140, 145, 150, 160, 165, 175, 176, 180, 181, 202, 210, 211
++ One of the Arts and Humanities (AH) or Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior (SSHB) or Societies and Institutions over Time (SIT) Electives must also be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness (D).
+++ Technical Elective Options: recommend CISC 267, but CISC 115, 128, 136 or 254 can be selected.

  • Completion of BUSA 221G satisfies the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement.

Career Potential: Information Assurance Specialist, Security Administrator, Security Technologist, or similar.