Computer Science

Business & Technology

Degree awarded: Associate in Science

Program Narrative

If you are planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science, Northampton's associate's degree program can be an affordable way to start. Our program parallels the first two years of standard four-year computer science degree programs. By working closely with your advisor, you can plan your course of study to ensure that you will enter the transfer school of your choice prepared to complete your degree.

Graduates of our program who complete a bachelor's degree are prepared for a variety of sophisticated positions in the computer field: as an applications programmer, systems programmer, programmer/analyst or software developer.

Program Features

The Northampton Computer Science curriculum includes computer programming, introductory computer architecture, mathematics, and general education courses. Depending on your plans and available time, you can complete this program in two years of full-time study with day and evening classes or in three to five years of part-time evening study.

Contact the Admissions Office at 610-861-5500 for further information.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Use effective approaches for problem solving and algorithm development.
  • Use critical thinking to evaluate computing problems and explore options for their solution.
  • Be experienced in solving problems related to computer programming and implementing these solutions.
  • Have experience in algorithm analysis and data abstraction.
  • Have comprehensive understanding of computer hardware needed to critically interpret technical information.
  • Explore the nature, characteristics, and design issues of contemporary computing systems.
  • Develop abstract thinking skills necessary to compete at a transfer institution.

Computer Science

Associate in Science Degree

Course Code Course Title Credits
First Semester
CISC 115 Computer Science I 4
ENGL 101 English I 3
MATH 180 Calculus I 4
---------- Social Science: Society and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT) 3
Second Semester
CISC 125 Computer Science II 4
CMTH 102 Speech Communication 3
ENGL 151L English II (Literature) 3
MATH 181 Calculus II 4
---------- Elective 3
Third Semester
CISC 230 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis 4
---------- Science Elective (SCI) 4
---------- Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior Elective (SSHB) 3
---------- Elective 3
Fourth Semester
CISC 225 Computer Organization 4
MATH 202 Discrete math 3
---------- Arts and Humanities Elective (AH) 3
---------- Electives 6
Total Credits: 61
  • The General Education Electives must be selected from the list of approved courses in each of the categories: Arts and Humanities (AH); Social Science: Society and Institutions over Time (SIT); Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior (SSHB); Science (SCI).
  • One course should be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness (D).
  • Two courses must be taken in Writing Intensive (WI) sections. One must be selected from among the General Education Electives; the second must be selected from: PHIL 111G, PHIL 202G, or PSYC 103G.
  • All Electives must be chosen from the list of courses which are applicable to AA and AS degrees, and should be chosen with transferability in mind; MATH 210 (Calculus III) is recommended.

Career Potential: Computer Sciences

NCC students have transferred to: DeSales University, East Stroudsburg University, Kutztown University, Moravian College, Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh University