Communication Studies

Humanities & Social Sciences

Degree awarded: Associate in Arts

Program Narrative

Advertising, politics, journalism, public relations - a career in any of these diverse fields can be exciting and fulfilling. And it can start with a degree in Communications Studies from Northampton.

Northampton's Communications Studies program offers courses that are commonly taken during the first two years of a bachelor's degree in the field. Working closely with your advisor, you can plan a schedule that will prepare you for entry to a four-year college.

With a BA, you can look forward to employment opportunities in a wide range of areas, including health care, the performing arts, education, the media, radio and TV broadcasting and more. Even if you don't plan to go into a specific communications-related field, a communications degree will help you be more versatile and flexible in your work. You may also find that you can change career paths with ease.

Our program is available at NCC's Bethlehem and Monroe campuses. Courses are primarily offered in the daytime.

Program Features

Our program provides a well-rounded background in communication and general education that will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university. In addition to the general education core requirements, the program requires 12 hours of communication studies courses. To suit your future plans, a variety of electives in the communications field allow you to customize your studies in key areas such as mass communications, technology, business, and the performing arts. Finally, the program requires you to take specific courses in fields that have impacted communication studies, such as sociology and psychology.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will:

  • Transfer to a four-year college or university.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of, and ability to think critically about, communication in theory and practice.
  • Demonstrate effective use of communication skills and experience to be an effective group member and/or leader.
  • Adapt communication skills to a variety of audiences and contexts.
  • Communicate effectively within a culturally diverse society.

Communication Studies

Associate in Arts Degree

Course Code Course Title Credits
First Semester
CMTH 102 Speech Communication 3
ENGL 101 English I 3
PSYC 103 Introduction to Psychology 3
MATH___ Mathematics Elective (QL) 3
---------- Elective + 3
Second Semester
CMTH 214 Interpersonal Communication 3
ENGL 151L English II (Literature) 3
SOCA 103G Principles of Sociology 3
---------- Science Elective (SCI) 4
---------- Elective + 3
Third Semester
CMTH 215 Intercultural Communication 3
CMTH 231 Small Group Communication 3
---------- Social Science: Society and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT) 3
---------- Arts and Humanities Elective (AH) 3
---------- Elective + 3
Fourth Semester
CMTH 230G Introduction to Communication Theory 3
---------- Social Science: Society and Institutions over Time Elective (SIT) 3
---------- Mathematics (QL) or Science (SCI) Elective 3/4
---------- Electives + 6
Total Credits: 61/62

+Electives must be selected from those courses which are AA eligible or those below:

Mass Communication

  • CMTH 104 - Mass Media and Society
  • CMTH 126 - The Communication Arts
  • CMTH 220 - Introduction to Film
  • CMTH 225G - Scriptwriting
  • JOUR 101 - Journalism and Society
  • JOUR 102 - News Editing
  • JOUR 103 - Newswriting
  • JOUR 203 - Writing for Public Relations


  • BUSA 101 - Introduction to Business
  • BUSA 115 - Introduction to International Business
  • BUSA 131 - Principles of Marketing
  • BUSA 137 - Principles of Selling
  • BUSA 152 - Business Law I

Performing Arts

  • CMTH105 - Public Speaking
  • CMTH 110 - Introduction to the Theatre
  • CMTH 111 - Acting I
  • CMTH 212 - Acting II
  • CMTH/ENGL 211G - Plays: Classical to Contemporary
  • CMTH 206 - Directing
  • CMTH 189 - Stage Voice and Movement

Communication Technology

  • ARTA 130 - Introduction to Web Site Design
  • ARTA 170 - Computer Graphics
  • ARTA 171 - Desktop Publishing
  • CMTH 115 - Technical Theatre
  • CMTH 117 - Stagecraft
  • CMTH 180 - Multimedia Production
  • CMTH 182 - Advanced Multimedia Production

Career Potential: Media, Advertising, Performing Arts Health Care, Politics Radio-TV/Broadcasting, Public Relations, Business/Marketing, Social/Human Services, Education, Journalism