Business Management

Business & Technology

Degree awarded: Associate in Applied Science

Program Narrative

If you're ready to get started, Northampton's Business Management program will prepare you for a career in business, government or non-profit organizations. This program is designed for those looking to enter the business world upon graduation rather than transferring to a four-year institution. Our program emphasizes the practical applications of business studies. (For those interested in pursuing a four-year degree, we recommend our Business Administration degree.) The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Program Features

The program offers a strong foundation of common core course work on which to build your managerial skills. You'll also complete a capstone experience called the International Business Practice Firm, a virtual business in a state-of-the-art facility. Through this experience, you will perform various business functions (i.e., Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing/Sales, and Purchasing/Inventory Control) as the firm transacts business with students in other simulated companies in the U.S. and in other countries. This hands-on experience gives you marketable employment skills and insight into the global market economy. The International Business Practice Firm also enhances critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Our Business Management associate's degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). As you near graduation, your instructors and the professionals in Northampton's Career Services Office can help you find employment in your area of interest.

Program Requirements

The Business Management Program contains provisions for three credits of free electives in addition to the General Education electives. This program can be completed in the day or evening, on a full-time or part-time basis. Traditional day students must take Principles of Marketing (BUSA 131) and Human Resource Management (BUSA 226) in a fall semester; Management Fundamentals (BUSA 205) is to be taken in a spring semester.

Contact the Admissions Office at 610-861-5500 for further information.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills necessary to work effectively with people in the business field.
  • Apply general business concepts in the areas of accounting/finance, economics, management, and marketing.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in current office information technology.
  • Discuss ethical, moral, and legal issues associated with the professional working environment and be able to apply ethical concepts in business-like situations.
  • Develop team skills in completing everyday business tasks through participation in a virtual enterprise capstone experience.

Business Management

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Course Code Course Title Credits
First Semester
BUSA 131 Principles of Marketing 3
CISC 101 Introduction to Computers 3
CMTH 102 Speech Communication 3
ENGL 101 English I 3
MATH___ Mathematics Elective (QL) + 3
Second Semester
ACCT 101 Financial Accounting I 3
CISC 104 Microcomputer Applications 4
BUSA 152 Business Law I 3
BUSA 205 Management Fundamentals 3
ENGL 151L English II (Literature) 3
Third Semester
ACCT 160 or

ACCT 202

Accounting Applications or
Managerial Accounting

BUSA 221G Business Communications 3
BUSA 226 Human Resources Management 3
ECON 201 Macroeconomics 3
---------- General Education Elective 3
Fourth Semester
BUSA 211 Personal Finance 3
BUSA 260 International Business Practice Firm 3
BUSA___ Business Elective ++ 3
---------- General Education Elective 3
---------- Elective 3
Total Credits: 61

+ Mathematics Elective options: MATH 140, 150, 160, 165, 175, 176, 180, 181
++ Business Elective options: BUSA 114, 115, 137, 141, 201, 202, 235, 252, 272, 293 (BUSA 293 - Special Studies requires permission from the department)

  • For the General Education Electives, students must take two courses from at least two of the following areas: Arts & Humanities (AH); Social Science: Societies and Institutions over Time (SIT) or (Social Science: Scientific Study of Human Behavior (SSHB). Note: ECON 201 is required, so only one additional SSHB course may be used as a General Education Elective.
  • One course should be designated as Diversity and Global Awareness (D).
  • Completion of BUSA 221G satisfies the Writing Intensive (WI) requirement.

Career Potential: Self-Employment, Management Trainee, Entry-level Positions, leading to Corporate Management, Sales Management.