Automation Control in Biomanufacturing

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Program Narrative
Are you currently working in biomanufacturing or trained in biotechnology but need more credentials? Are you a dislocated worker in need of a new set of skills? Northampton's specialized diploma in Automation Control in Biomanufacturing prepares you for quick entry into the biomanufacturing job market upon graduation. We emphasize development of the skills and competencies most needed by employers in the fields of biomanufacturing and biopharmaceuticals. In addition to providing electronics and electrical fundamentals, we focus on practical applications of electromechanical concepts and process controls in the field's highly-regulated and increasingly automated production facilities.

The program can be completed in its entirety in day or evening classes held on Main Campus.

Program Features
In addition to theory and practical skills, Northampton's program emphasizes problem solving, attention to detail, ability to work in a highly regulated environment and team work. Students will also have an introduction to working in the aseptic environments often used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and related products. Students will work in groups throughout their coursework so that they will gain valuable experience working with a team on real-world projects and problem-solving situations similar to those they will find in the biomanufacturing workplace.

We focus on the equipment, instruments and systems that operators and technicians use in the real world of biomanufacturing industry and other closely related processes. Students gain basic understanding of voltage, current, resistance, wiring and measurements. The student gain strong practical knowledge and skills of process instrumentation devices, reading and interacting with P&IDs and a working knowledge of how it all fits together in a process automation system. An actual bioreactor may be used throughout the program to allow for hands-on practice with real-life equipment used in the biomanufacturing and biopharmaceutical industry. Our program also familiarizes students with basic computer software used in the field, including word processing, spread sheet and graphing programs.

Students in the second year of the Electromechanical Technology Program - Automated Systems are encouraged to use these courses as technical and free electives. See your advisor for more information and course selection. Alternative schedules such as full-day options to allow for completion of a course or group of courses in fewer weeks can be developed to meet the needs of local biomanufacturing employers.

Professionals in Northampton Community College's Career Services Office, as well as instructors within the program, will be available to assist students in finding employment in the field.

Program Requirements
The Automation Control in Biomanufacturing Specialized Diploma can be completed in two semesters during the day or evening on a full-time basis. Alternative schedules such as full-day options to allow for completion of a course or group of courses in fewer weeks will be developed to meet the needs of the local biomanufacturing employers.

Program Outcomes
Graduates of the Automated Process Control Systems Specialized Diploma program will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently, collaboratively or in teams safely with electrical, mechanical, process instrumentation and automation equipment.
  • Describe and understand the principles and functions of a wide variety of process automation equipment and instrumentation and connectivity to allow assistance in trouble-shooting automated processing equipment in highly-regulated manufacturing systems.
  • Analyze and present data in an acceptable, standardized and organized manner using technical vocabulary and graphic interpretation applicable to the area of automated process control systems including Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P & IDs).
  • Demonstrate observational, integrative and synthetic skills.
Automation Control for Biomanufacturing,
Specialized Diploma

Course Code Course Title
BIOT 101 Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices
CISC 101 or CISC 100 Introduction to Computers or Computer Technology I
EMEC 120 Process Data Acquisition & Analysis
EMEC 121 Automation Concepts
EMEC 122 Process Automation Diagrams-P&ID
EMEC 247 Instrumentation, Process, Control & Measurement Systems
Total Credits:

Career Potential:
Biomanufacturing Technician, Biomanufacturing Fill-line Operator, Biomanufacturing Equipment Operator,

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