A.A.S. Degree

The General Education Core for the A.A.S. degree has the following minimum requirements:


Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree

1. Communication - 9 credits
ENGL101C English I, ENGL151C or ENGL151, English II, CMTH102 Speech Communication.
In addition:

Writing Intensive (WI). Communication skills in writing are further reinforced and assessed in one required writing intensive course (G suffix on course number). A program course to be taken in a writing intensive section. A general education course may be taken if no program course is possible.

2. Quantitative Literacy (QL) or Science (SCI) - 3/4 credits
One QL designated course or substitution acceptable to the mathematics department, or one SCI designated course.

3. Knowledge of Arts & Cultures - 9 credits
Three courses in at least two of the fields below. Science or Quantitative Literacy substituted for the third course in certain programs:

  • Arts & Humanities (AH)
  • Social Science, one Societies and Institutions Over Time (SIT) designated course.
  • Social Science, one Scientific Study of Human Behavior (SSHB) designated course.

4. Undesignated free elective (open to student choice) - 3 credits.

5. Computer Literacy (C)
Incorporated in all programs in a manner acceptable to the computer/information science department. Any CISC course or verification of computer literacy outcomes imbedded in courses in certain programs.

6. Diversity (D)
One Diversity (D) designated course.

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