Art (ARTA)

ARTA 100 Art and Visual Thinking (Cr3) (3:0)
Prepares students to use art as a visual language to communicate feelings and knowledge, to use art as a process for understanding one's self and others, to understand the value of imagery in the community, and to interpret the work of artists in a historical, cultural and personal context. Also available through Online Learning. Core: AH.

ARTA 101 Art History Survey (Cr3) (3:0)
Major trends and influences in western art from early man to present; emphasis on style and form. Also available through Online Learning. Core: AH.

ARTA 107 Drawing I (Cr3) (1:5)
This course covers basic concepts, theories, media and techniques of drawing explored through still life, landscape, the figure, portraiture, and perspective studies. Emphasis will be on the development of observational drawing skills, composition, and an understanding of drawing as a primary form of visual communication and personal expression.

ARTA 110 Principles of 3-D Design (Cr3) (1:5)
This course introduces the theory and application of three-dimensional design with an emphasis on the elements of art and principles of organization as the foundation of successful visual problem solving and creativity. Projects cover a variety of media and techniques; technical, perceptual, and analytical skill development; and contemporary and historical art and design practices.

ARTA 111 Principles of 2-D Design and Color (Cr3) (1:5)
This course provides an introduction to the theory and application of two-dimensional design for the creation of pictorial space. The formal elements of art and principles of organization will be covered in depth with a special focus on the nature and properties of color. Students will be guided through a series of projects using a variety of dry, wet, digital and mixed media. Development of technical, perceptual, and analytical skills will be emphasized along with an understanding of historical and contemporary art and design practice.

ARTA 124 Drawing II (Cr3) (1:5)
This course builds on concepts, theories, media and techniques introduced in Drawing I; and continues exploration of still life, landscape, and perspective studies with additional focus on the figure and portraiture. Emphasis is on the continuing development of observational drawing skills, composition, and an understanding of drawing as a primary form of visual communication and personal expression. Prereq.- ARTA 107 and 111.

ARTA 130 Introduction to Web Site Design (Cr3) (2:2)
Introduction to the skills, concepts and techniques necessary to design Web sites. Prereq. - ARTA170 or approval of instructor.

ARTA 131 Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation (Cr3) (2:2)
Introduction to computer animation and visual effects; model building, rendering, lighting, key-frame animation, and character animation; exploration of a variety of current computer animation software using state-of-the-art digital technology. Prereq. - ARTA170 or approval of instructor.

ARTA 132 Web Animation with Flash (Cr3) (2:2)
Designed to build on the skills and experiences learned in Introduction to Web Site Design. Major emphasis will be placed on creating graphics for web sites, use of Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML audio files, VR files and advanced web applications as cutting edge tools in web site design. Prereq. - ARTA 130.

ARTA 133 Advanced 3-D Computer Animation (Cr3) (2:2)
Designed to build on the skills, knowledge and experience gained in the Introduction to 3-D Computer Animation course. Emphasis will be placed on working with advanced 2-D and 3-D computer animation techniques and software for use in print, interactive multimedia and web site productions. Prereq.- ARTA 131.

ARTA 136 Interactive Programming with Flash ActionScript (Cr3) (2:2)
Introduction to programming in ActionScript, Macromedia Flash's native, object-oriented programming language. It is the companion to ARTA 132. It creates a visual and creative approach to learning computer programming and is intended for both creative and/or technical individuals. Topics covered include: ActionScript syntax and semantics, basic programming fundamentals, object-oriented programming in flash and creative scripting and interactivity. Prereq. - ARTA 132.

ARTA 138 Introduction to Video Game Design (Cr3) (2:2)
This course is an introduction to the basic technical and conceptual elements of video game design and provides a solid foundation for future work. Major emphasis will be placed on understanding the gaming industry, the phases of the game development cycle, preparation of a game design document, and the creation of a simple 'mod' using a modern game engine. A working knowledge of personal computers, popular software, and the Internet is important for course success. Pre- or Coreq. - ARTA 131.

ARTA 139 Advanced Video Game Design (Cr3) (2:2)
This course examines advanced topics in video game design from a broad perspective, both in regard to theory and practice. In addition, the course presents an overview of best practices within the video game industry as well as an analysis of the more controversial issues within the field, including violence in video gaming and gender portrayals. Students will learn to create virtual characters, objects and environments using an integrated game development environment. Issues relating to gaming narrative structure and interactive storytelling will also be covered. Prereq. - ARTA 138.

ARTA 140 Advanced Web Portfolio (Cr3) (2:2)
This course is intended for advanced students in the specialized diploma in web design. Working independently and in collaborative teams, each student will develop a web-based portfolio showcasing work completed throughout their diploma program, as well as new pieces created during this course. In addition, advanced topics in web design and development will be covered, including server and client side scripting, introduction to databases, media integration, and a broad survey of current web technologies. Regarding technology and scripting: emphasis will be placed on best practices from a designer perspective. Prereq. - ARTA 130 or permission of instructor.

ARTA 151 Black and White Photography (Cr3) (1:5)
Introduction to 35mm camera work, black and white film and print processing; basic techniques of exposure, lighting and laboratory work; emphasis on technical/creative/aesthetic aspects of photography. Students must furnish their own manually adjustable 35mm cameras, bxw film and paper, matboard, and miscellaneous supplies. Formerly ARTA 251. Additional course fees: $20.00.

ARTA 158 Painting I (Cr3) (1:5)
Basic concepts, theories, and techniques of painting explored through still life, the figure, self portraiture, and working from photographs; emphasis on the development of observational painting skills and color mixing.

ARTA 161 Ceramics (Cr3) (2:4)
A basic introduction to the clay medium: earth, water, and fire. The techniques of hand building (pinch, coil, slab) wheel thrown forms, and clay/glaze technology will be covered. An awareness of traditional and contemporary approaches to ceramics will be emphasized. Additional course fees: $40.00.

ARTA 162 Sculpture (Cr3) (1:5)
Course provides a hands-on introduction to methods, techniques and aesthetics of sculpture. Students will be guided through a series of projects using a variety of traditional sculptural media such as wood, plaster, stone, metal, plastic, etc. Development of technical, perceptual, and analytical skills will be emphasized along with an understanding of historical and contemporary sculpture practices. Additional course fees: $30.00

ARTA 164 Printmaking (Cr3) (1:5)
This course is an introduction to the basic principles of printmaking and applies concepts of image making and editioning within the fine arts. Multiple techniques will be covered including collagraph, monoprint, linocut, drypoint , solarplate (relief, intaglio, protogravure), digital media, and non-adhesive book binding/folio creation. Foundation Design concepts, research methods and critiques will also be emphasized.

ARTA 170 Computer Graphics (Cr4) (2:4)
Introduction to computer graphics and basic design principles. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software, students will learn the fundamentals of digital design, image editing/scanning and printing. Assignments, both in and outside of the classroom, will be contextually based, providing real world applications with each lesson.

ARTA 171 Desktop Publishing (Cr4) (2:4)
An introductory course in the use of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress software. Students will learn the basic concepts of page layout for print design, utilizing text, images and graphics.

ARTA 180 Digital Design and Typography I (Cr3) (1:5)
Designed to introduce students to the visual and conceptual issues of graphic design and typography. Assignments investigate typography as an element of design whose form and purpose is to convey information in a structured, legible and expressive manner. Students will work with a variety of software applications as they develop their understanding of letterform, graphic design, Gestalt principles, and typographic organization. This course is a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on experience. Prereq.- ARTA 170.

ARTA 181 Digital Design and Typography II (Cr3) (1:5)
Designed to further develop and strengthen the skills and knowledge obtained in Digital Design and Typography I. Assignments are selected with the student's portfolio in mind and provide a variety of design challenges that will enhance the student's competitive power for industry needs. Special emphasis will be placed on typographic detail, vocabulary, the design process, presentation, assemblage, and problem solving in a "real world" context. This course concludes with a hardcopy build portfolio. Prereq.- ARTA 180.

ARTA 190 Creative Designs (Cr3) (2:2)
This course is designed to improve conceptual abilities as applied to design. Students will create innovative design projects, emphasizing best practices of the creative design process and visual problem solving. Focus will be on the use of creative thinking techniques and research typically involved with producing a workable design using an innovative approach. Prereq.- ARTA 170.

ARTA 204 Drawing III (Cr3) (1:5)
This course advances concepts, theories, media and techniques developed in Drawing II, while continuing to explore classic themes. Emphasis is on continuing development of core drawing and design skills, technique and content research, more advanced work with the figure, and the creative challenges to work inventively with various drawing media. Prereq.- ARTA 124.

ARTA 208 Mobile Development (Cr4) (4:0)
This course is a comprehensive overview of developing native mobile apps for a variety of platforms. The focus is on group work from students majoring in a variety of disciplines with the goal of creating real-world products that exemplify the strengths of Communication Design, Web Development and Computer Science students. Prereq.-ARTA 240.

ARTA 210 Package Design (Cr3) (2:2)
This is an advanced course, exploring three-dimensional graphic design, processes, and techniques and branding theories. This course specifically defines and identifies visual communication for package structure and use of typography, color and images of three-dimensional prototypes. Students will be challenged with problem-solving techniques as applied in scale, material, form and function. Prereq.- ARTA 181.

ARTA 220 Media Art (Cr3) (2:2)
Combination of elements, approaches and techniques from fine art and applied art with cutting-edge digital technology; theory, methodology and professional practices covered through lectures, in-class hands-on practice and outside assignments; students approach projects conceptually, synthesizing original integrative solutions, which hopefully expand existing conventions; concepts include collaboration, iteration, metaphor, art as commodity, making vs. finding, perfection vs. perfectionism, and creativity and transcendence. Formerly ARTA 257. Prereq. - ARTA 170.

ARTA 226 Painting II (Cr3) (1:5)
Advanced problems in still life, the figure, self-portraiture, and abstraction building on foundation skills from Painting I; discussion and exploration of historical and contemporary approaches to painting to provide an informed basis for the development of personal style and direction. Formerly ARTA 126. Offered on demand. Prereq.- ARTA 111 and 158.

ARTA 230 New Media Theory and Practice (Cr3) (2:4)
This course will introduce critical concepts and hands-on skills in the current New Media field. Students will discuss topics related to the World Wide Web, mobile devices, DVDs, CD-ROMs, digital gaming, film and animation. Students will be equiped with the skills necessary for storyboarding, script writing, character development, theories and practices used in pre-production, and creating a film or animation. Prereq.- ARTA 170.

ARTA 231 New Media Production (Cr3) (1:5)
A continuation of ARTA 230, New Media Theory and Practice. Students will form groups, devise a production strategy and create an animated short based on a storyboard they have chosen. Students will learn production techniques, including lighting, sound, character building, quick shorts, creating scenes, editing and final production. Prereq.- ARTA 230.

ARTA 240 Advanced Web Site Design (Cr3) (2:2)
An advanced course focusing on interface design, web usability, standards-based design, optimization, and cutting-edge interactivity. Students will be exposed to theories of information architecture, which aid in creating more functional, dynamic websites. Students will build on the skills presented in Introduction to Web Design to create functional, compliant, aesthetically pleasing websites. Prereq.- ARTA 130.

ARTA 256 Visual Communication: History, Theory and Practice (Cr3) (1:5)
Survey of the history, theory and practice of visual communication from the invention of alphabets and writing to electronic new media. Emphasis is placed on understanding key inventions, techniques, historical and social movements and individuals in the evolution of human visual communications. Prereq. - ARTA 101,111, and 180.

ARTA 260 Individual Studio/Professional Practices (Cr4) (1:8)
An intensive studio experience for personal development and growth, that culminates in a final, semester-end exhibition. The critique will be the core process where aesthetic awareness and creative issues unfold. Students gain knowledge of professional practices through visits to galleries, museums, and artists' studios; and meeting artists, dealers, critics, and museum staff; researching and writing about these experiences. Prereq.- ARTA 226 and 204.

ARTA 261 Advanced Ceramics (Cr3) (2:4)
This advanced exploration of the clay medium builds on the foundation skills acquired in ARTA 161 Ceramics. The relationship of technique to concept will be examined with an emphasis on craftsmanship. Wheel throwing, hand building, glazing, and firing techniques will be covered in greater depth. Coverage of contemporary issues in ceramics will help students develop a more informed aesthetic sensibility for the ceramic arts. Offered on demand. Prereq.- ARTA 161. Additional course fees: $60.00.

ARTA 269 Advertising/Marketing Workshop (Cr1) (1:0)
Familiarizes students with the design process as it applies to advertising, marketing and the creative process; helps students gain a greater understanding of the important relationship between advertising/marketing strategy and effective design. Prereq. - ARTA 170 and 180.

ARTA 270 Professional Workshop (Cr1) (0:2.5)
This course is designed to assist Communication Design majors in becoming professional members of the new digital media design market; developing and assembling a portfolio - both in traditional and digital formats; designing and writing their resume; identifying job opportunities and preparing for job interviews; and using the new digital media for self-promotion. Guest speakers from various visual communication fields will critique and evaluate students' portfolios during scheduled class time and at a student portfolio-day presentation.

ARTA 282 Digital Photography (Cr3) (1:5)
This course is an introduction to digital photography using an Apple Macintosh computer and a variety of digital software and peripheral devices. The course presents an overview of best practices of digital photo capture (camera work), file organization, image manipulation, and storage and output devices. Prereq.- ARTA 170. Additional course fees: $50.00.

ARTA 285 Portfolio Workshop (Cr3) (2:2)
This course is the capstone course in Communication Design curriculum. This course will assist students in becoming professional members of the new digital media design market. Students will be revising, developing and assembling a portfolio in both hard-copy and digital formats. Guest speakers from various communication design fields will critique and evaluation students' portfolios during class time and at the final capstone portfolio-day presentation. Prereq.- ARTA 181.

ARTA 291 Special Studies in Art (Cr1)
See statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

ARTA 292 Special Studies in Art (Cr2)
See statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

ARTA 293 Special Studies in Art (Cr3)
See statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

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