Architecture (ARCH)

ARCH 100 Architectural History I - Antiquity to 1870 (Cr3) (3:0)
Understanding the physical environment through the study of dominant architectural attitudes, forms, and functions as influenced by the social, cultural, historical and philosophical determinants of architecture through the ages, its continuity with the past, and its relation to the present; methods of historical inquiry and comparative analysis; emphasis on classical and neoclassical periods. Core: AH (Architecture only).

ARCH 101 Architectural Graphics I (Cr3) (2:2)
Basic skills of architectural communication; developing design drawings and visualization skills and their relationship to the design process; freehand and drafted methods including projections in orthographic and paraline drawings, shades and shadows; emphasis on freehand perspective drawing as a design tool; paraline and perspective drawings on the computer as a means of enhancing freehand skills; model making skills. Coreq.- ARCH 110.

ARCH 110 Architecture Design Studio I (Cr3) (2:2)
First studio in four-semester foundation design studio sequence; fundamental principles of design, design vocabulary and design process; studio projects including two and three dimensional abstract exercises architectonic in nature; organizing systems in accompaniment with the study of historical precedents; emphasis on graphic communication and model making. Coreq. - ARCH 101.

ARCH 121 Architectural Graphics II (Cr3) (2:2)
Continued development of the graphic language of architecture; hand skills with orthographic drawings extended to the formal language of architecture and developed into formal plans, elevations, sections and details; linework, notation, dimensioning, material indication and sheet layout; different types of drawings used during the design process; computer and hand skills as tools in the exploration of diagrammatic and other analytical drawings; model making. Prereq. - ARCH 101 and 110, both with a C or better; Coreq. - ARCH 150.

ARCH 150 Architecture Design Studio II (Digital) (Cr3) (2:2)
Digital studio making transition from abstract principles to architectural projects adding issues of function, space, surface and structure; continued emphasis on understanding and developing design process and historical precedent; basic programmatic research; use of the program Archicad in the digital environment for fundamental techniques required to visualize three-dimensional spaces and objects as an integral part of the design process; development of ability to create computer generated design process drawings/models including perspective, plans, sections, isometrics and axonometrics as a means to solving design problems. Formerly ARCH 205. Prereq.- ARCH 101 and 110, both with a C or better.

ARCH 155 Architectural History II - 1870 to Present (Cr3) (3:0)
History and theory of the modern era; methods of historical inquiry and comparative analysis; emphasis on the modern movement, particularly recent movements in architecture and their impact on current thinking. Core: SIT (A.A.S. only).

ARCH 200 Professional Internship (Cr3) (0:0:11)
Practical office experience for students who qualify for sophomore standing; work under the direction of an employer with a professional degree in architecture; arrangements made through the architecture department. Prereq. - ARCH 121, 150, and 155, all with a C or better.

ARCH 204 Design & Analysis of Structural Form (Cr3) (2:2)
Fundamental concepts of statics, forms and forces for a spectrum of architectural structures; structural analysis incorporating both graphic representation and numeric investigation, with particular emphasis on the impactof structure on design; study of structures through full scale model building. Prereq. - MATH 145.

ARCH 210 Architecture Design Studio III (Cr5) (2:6)
Continued development of design vocabulary and design process; further development of architectural projects considering program, site and context reinforced by historical precedent; use of materials and structure and their impact on design; emphasis on conceptualization and the importance of the building 'parti'; traditional model making; appropriate use of both traditional graphic representation as well as the computer as a design tool during the design process; written research papers on design problems and historical precedent as part of the exploration process. Prereq. - ARCH 121, 150, and 155, all with a C or better.

ARCH 214 Architectural Materials & Methods of Construction I (Cr3) (3:0)
First course in two-term sequence of building technology; conceptual framework integrating construction into the design process; properties of materials used in construction, their appropriate use, and impact on design; methods of construction in wood, masonry, concrete and steel. Formerly ARCH 103. Prereq. -ARCH 121 with a C or better.

ARCH 215 Advanced Digital Analysis (Cr3) (2:2)
Advanced computer design and analysis focused on complex three dimensional modeling, including animations and virtual reality 'walk throughs' using Archicad and other modeling software; building of 3D models as both a design tool and an analytical tool; 3D models to analyze structure, circulation, volume, enclosure and zoning in both historical and current projects as a precursor to modeling studio projects. Prereq. - ARCH 150 with a C or better.

ARCH 250 Architecture Design Studio IV (Cr5) (2:6)
Resolution of more complex architectural programs with the context of a community-wide environment; broad study of a local rural community, narrowing to a study of the main hub of activity, usually 'Main Street', narrowing further toan individual architectural problem important to the community; project selected as subject of the semester; site analysis and fundamental urban design issues; class publication illustrating class involvement and understanding of community design issues; studio with a physical presence in the community with student drawing and models available to citizen review, student interaction with members of the community. Prereq. - ARCH 210 with a C or better.

ARCH 254 Architectural Materials & Methods of Construction II (Cr3) (3:0)
Second course in sequence; systems integration: foundation/wall, wall/window, floor/wall, wall/roof; integration of building assemblies including structural, mechanical and electrical and their impact on design and the design process; overview of codes, standards, safety, accessibility, documentation and specifications. Prereq. - ARCH 214 with a C or better.

ARCH 265 Digital Production Drawing (Cr3) (2:2)
Study of architectural working drawings; introduction to digital media as a basis of creating a complete set of construction documents from a schematic design; the process of working drawing development; determining the required drawing necessary to express the schematic design to a constructed project; development of the required drawings focusing on standard drawing conventions and methods currently in practice. Prereq.- ARCH 101 with a C or better.

ARCH 291 Special Studies in Architecture (Cr1)
See Statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

ARCH 292 Special Studies in Architecture (Cr2)
See Statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

ARCH 293 Special Studies in Architecture (Cr3)
See Statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

ARCH 294 Special Studies in Architecture (Cr4)
See Statement on Special Studies. Offered on demand.

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